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Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning

We clean car, van and minibus seats, carpets or mats!

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Vehicle Seat & Carpet Cleaning

There are many reasons why you should, or you want to, have clean carpets, mats and upholstery in your car! The biggest appeal to detailing your own car or having your vehicle upholstery cleaned by a professional is to make it look fresh and new. Car seat shampooing, in the grand scheme of things, is just a way to say you’re cleaning your car up a bit. That being said, our services are a bit more in-depth than just a quick trip to the car valets or washing your car seats on the driveway!

When having your seats, carpet or mats cleaned in your vehicle, you’re preserving its appearance in addition to keeping it clean. For example, cleaning off dirt and debris can make your car look new again, but it also preserves the fabric and fibres of your car carpet or upholstery. Avoiding any sort of long-term damage is always the goal. Another big reason car seats are cleaned professionally is to improve the sale-ability! A vehicle upholstery shampoo can often add to the positive connotation of the aesthetics of the car, as it has to do with just about every other part of the vehicle and make your car easier to sell and add extra value to the sale price!

Car Upholstery Cleaners

Seats are used heavily, so it only makes sense that they need some attention, too. It’s important to clean the seats every so often, so stains don’t become permanent.


The seats should be cleaned based on the material they’re made of. If your seats have cloth on them, the best way to clean them is by shampooing them with a wet-vac extraction machine.


We can shampoo and clean the seats thoroughly and safely and then use the machine to remove any excess shampoo or liquid.


If the seats are leather or vinyl instead of cloth, the cleaning method will be different. We then use a cleaner specifically made for leather or vinyl upholstery, along with a leather brush.


Once we have cleaned every seat with these items, we wipe away the cleaner with a cloth, specially designed for this particular job! One extra step to take with leather upholstery is conditioning it.


You don’t want the leather to dry out and crack, so we wipe leather conditioner over the seats once they’ve been cleaned and dried.

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How We Clean Your Vehicle Upholstery!

Carpets that are in generally good condition, but have localised stains, can be cleaned by spraying a suitable detergent solution on the spots, using a brush to work it in, then rubbing with a towel to remove the stain and cleaner or using a buffer cleaning machine with bonnet pads.


Cleaning dirtier areas, particularly floor mats and cargo area carpeting, may require the use of a carpet and upholstery “steam” cleaner equipped with a hand-held attachment. Cloth upholstery is cleaned in much the same manner as carpets. However, care should be taken to not use too much cleaning solution, which can soak into seat padding and foam cushions, increasing drying times. This is where a professional like ourselves come in, who has the experience and training on how to clean car seats safely.


Upholstery fabrics can be also sensitive to different cleaners, so we always to test the product in a small hidden location before using it on major surfaces. This is generally called a colour-run test!


To avoid mould and mildew, we allow the damp carpet or upholstery in your car, van or mini-bus to dry completely before reinstalling the floor mats or other coverings. To help speed drying, we leave the doors or windows open, park the car in the sun and/or use an electric fan to circulate air inside the car.


Vinyl upholstery can usually be cleaned with a damp cloth or one soaked with a mild detergent solution. Dedicated vinyl care products are also available that combine cleaners, conditioners, preservatives and UV protection and having a vast amount of experience in this type of cleaning, we know which products are the safest and best to use on vinyl or leather car seating areas!

Refresh Your Car Upholstery, Mats Or Seats With a Deep Clean!

Car Seat & Carpet Shampoo

Book The Professionals? Are you in the vehicle trade? We can provide contract cleaning of vehicle upholstery to taxi cars, wedding vehicles, government vehicles, van operators, mini-bus companies, coach hire companies, truck rental services or car and van fleets!

We cover the North-West for commercial customers for carpet and deep cleaning.

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