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Upholstery Cleaning Service

After a pre-inspection on your furnishings to confirm if your upholstery is suitable for cleaning,our fully trained and insured staff use specialist equipment to gently clean your furniture.Whether it's a three piece suite or individual chairs a leather sofa or some tired looking office chairs, you will be amazed at the results of of our deep cleaning.

All types of upholstery can be cleaned from sofas to settees. Corner sofas seem to be very popular these days and are something we clean day to day along with all the assorted scatter cushions that come with an upholstered suite. Chairs can also be cleaned. Arm-chairs are a furnishing we can deep clean, lifting the deep ingrained dirt and body fats. Dining chairs can be a little more tricky to clean due to them mainly having drink and food products spilt or dropped on them but we have a very high success rate in removing stains other upholstery cleaning companies in Accrington can't remove.

Most types of fabrics can be cleaned too. Faux suede, nylon and cotton, when cleaned with care, can transform a sofa to give you that centrepiece to the home you have always dreamt of!

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Safe Upholstery Cleaners

So what happens when you enquire about an upholstery clean? We speak to you on the phone to give you a quote and a bit of information.


Time will be booked in for you for us to arrive to carry out the work. Once at your property we will ask you a few questions about the sofa or chairs to give us an idea on the best equipment to use.


An inspection will then take place and some fibres will be taken from the upholstery in a none seen area to see what type of fabric fibre makes up the suite.


After this inspection, a colour run test is carried out if needed. Some of the tests we carry out below –

  • Fabric Tested Before Cleaning
  • Fabric Identification Test
  • Colour Run Test
  • Stretch Test

The safety of your upholstery is always at the forefront of minds when cleaning. We are always one step ahead of the competition and our safety testing for sofa, settee or chair cleaning is the leading example in the local area and beyond.


With this in mind, we always test upholstery before cleaning if we feel it is the best thing to do in that particular situation. Upholstery can easily cause issues if not cleaned by a professional so do not be afraid to ask questions to ascertain that you are hiring a genuine, professional upholstery cleaning company! If in doubt, give us a call!

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Then it's onto the upholstery cleaning!

We hoover the upholstery if needed firstly and then check for anything that may get damaged like decorative areas like leather, wood or fringes. These areas are protected then cleaning commences. Spotters will be applied to individual stains then a pre-spray is applied all over the sofa. Then the pre-spray is agitated into the fibre to break down any stains or soiling with a special brush made of horsehair to prevent any damage. An extraction machine is then used.


The machine has a hand tool that we will use to wand over the sofa, giving it a deep clean and applying the correct amount of water at the perfect safe heat. The water is extracted at the same time leaving your upholstery fresh and clean again! Special air movers are used if needed to power dry your settee so you can use it again in time for dinner!

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Before, During and After!

What services do you offer? As well as upholstery cleaning of your furnishings we can off a service as a carpet cleaner in Accrington which is a very popular service so please book soon as we are always booked up for at least a week in advance.

We cover the North-West for commercial customers for carpet and deep cleaning.

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If you would like to book a rug or carpet clean, please call or message using the contact form provided and we will all we can to help!


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