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How To Tackle A Stain On Your Carpet!

Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk!

No matter how careful we are. It's almost impossible to avoid spilling or dropping something on your carpet causing a annoying stubborn stain!
It's almost guaranteed that if you buy a nice new cream carpet that you or your children will mark or stain the carpet within weeks!

Don't Panic!!!

The worst thing you can do is to panic if you have a spillage on your carpet. The first thing to do if you have spilt something on your carpet is to soak up the excess liquid. To do this just blot the affected area until the surface liquid has been removed. Kitchen towels or terry towelling is good for this method. Don't rub the area. Just pat the towels lightly on the area until the excess liquid has gone.

Which Cleaning Products to Use!

I would be very careful about using shop bought cleaning products. Some of the well know cleaning products can bleach wool carpets and don't forget that what ever you put into the carpet will stay there if not extracted!
For stains like blood, food and drink stains you can use a washing liquid! It must be a BIO washing liquid though and it works great on lots of stains. Many professional carpet cleaning companies even use it from time to time. Remember to dilute it first in a sprayer and never use hot water on a blood stain as it can set the proteins in the stain so only use cold water on a blood stain on your carpet.
If you have a problem with oil or similar stains like grease, tar or gum the low odour white spirit can be used. Be careful using it on carpets with a secondary glued backing and it's always better to use a carpet cleaner after to extract the white spirit out.
WD40 is another product that can be used on certain stains but remember what you put into the carpet will stay there until is cleaned and extracted by a carpet cleaning machine.


Although as mentioned  earlier you can use some off the shelf products to remove certain stains we recommend contacting a professional. Their are a number of reasons for this -

1. A professional carpet cleaning company will have their own insurance. If their is a problem or a stain can not be removed then your insurance is invalid if you make a mistake while trying the DIY method.
2. You would be surprised at the amount of serious problems you can get by cleaning a carpet if you do not know what you are doing! Carpets can shrink, change colour, turn brown or orange, colour bleed, fray among many other issues if you do not know what you are doing.
3. Carpet cleaning companies have access to professional cleaning products that will work far better than any product the customer can buy and carpet cleaning operators are fully trained!

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James Timmings on 20 December 2016 13:03
It's great to see a fellow professional carpet cleaning company pass on some of it's knowledge to the general public. It's been well known for some time by the professionals that some domestic bought products can remove dirt or some stains from carpets. You even mentioned one product that I've never tried so as the saying goes, you are always learning so thanks for the valuable information!
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