Oven Cleaning

One of our most popular services is oven and hob cleaning apart from carpet cleaning in Accrington. We find this because it's one of the domestic jobs that no one wants to do! It's a dirty job but someone has to do it and we are the experts so why not give us a call!

We can deep clean single and double oven's, aga oven's, hobs and extractors. We only use food safe products and we are trained to clean any type of oven. So if you need your oven cleaning in Accrington you need to call Deep Cleaning Solutions today to have a nice clean shiny oven again.

We use safe products and we take great care when cleaning your oven. We can sometimes take the door apart depending on the type of appliance to clean the inside of the glass.

We have many loyal, local customers who use this service many times a year and we also work for local landlords and letting agents.

Our oven cleaners at Deep Cleaning Solutions provide a professional oven cleaning service that will bring the shine back to your oven. Our experienced technicians will bring everything needed to make your oven gleam again.

Firstly a full inspection will take place to make sure everything on your oven, hob or grill is in working order and is safe to clean. Then we remove parts of the oven like the door and racks to clean away separately from the oven. Racks and other parts will be placed securely in a dip tank in the operators van to soak and clean while the oven body is tackled. While the parts we took from the oven are soaking, the Deep Cleaning Solutions operator will expertly remove dirt, grease and burnt on carbon from your oven, grill, hob or extractor.

Once the technician is happy with the overall clean he will take out the parts placed in the dip tank earlier and the oven is reassembled.

Cooking can commence straight away and all types of cookers can be cleaned like electric, gas, aga's, country style ovens, single and double ovens, built-in and free range cookers.

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  • Single and Double Oven Cleaning

  • Hob and Extractor Cleaning

  • Internal Grill Cleaning

  • Aga, Stove and Range Cleaning

  • Commercial Oven Cleaning

  • Barbeque Cleaning

  • Microwave Oven Cleaning

  • *No Mess  * Non Caustic  *Fully Trained  *Courteous  *Reliable *Eco-Friendly

    Ovens professional restored and deep cleaned including the racks, glass and doors. We use our own eco-bio oven cleaning solutions that we have developed after many years of oven cleaning. This helps break down the fats and burnt matter in a safe way so you can enjoy cooking again without the smell and mess associated with a dirty oven, hob or extractor hood.